Kids Dentistry at BrightView Dental


The team at BrightView Dental would like to take an opportunity to review some of the things that make our office so unique.  Check back often for new posts and information about our dental clinic.

Going to the dentist can be a frightening experience for some, and that’s particularly true when it comes to kids.  A child’s first dental visit should ideally be for educational purposes and to introduce the child to the dental clinic rather than to provide treatment.  At BrightView Dental, we offer a unique kids experience called the Happy Visit.  During the happy visit, the child becomes familiarized with the dental clinic, meets our staff, and learns about the various tools and instruments that are used.  The child gets an opportunity to ride in the dental chair, learn about proper brushing techniques, and become educated on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.  In order to make the experience even more fun and entertaining, each of our dental treatment rooms is also equipped with a ceiling mounted TV featuring thousands of streaming Netflix shows that are geared towards kids of all ages.

While the Happy Visit is an entertaining and educational experience, it also offers the dentist an opportunity to thoroughly examine the child’s teeth to ensure that there are no areas of concern.  If the child is cooperative, the dental hygienist may also perform a polish of the teeth during this initial visit and this is a great way to demonstrate to children that dental visits don’t necessarily have to be painful or frightening.

For children who are particulary apprehensive and require immediate dental work, BrightView Dental offers a variety of sedation options including Nitrous Oxide.  This is a safe and effective way to promote relaxation and can be safely administered to children in order to ease the anxiety that may be associated with a dental visit.

At the end of the appointment, each child receives a toothbrush and gets to pick a fun toy from Cap’N Bucky’s Treasure Chest!

Parents often wonder when they should first bring their child to the dental clinic.  As a general rule, the Canadian Dental Association recommends that children are first brought to see a dentist 6 months from the eruption of the first tooth or by 12 months of age.  This allows for early detection and treatment of any issues before they develop into more serious problems.  Even though a child’s primary (baby) teeth will eventually fall out, premature loss of primary teeth can lead to more serious problems down the road as they play a crucial role in maintaining the proper spacing and alignment for the permanent teeth that are yet to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s dental health, please call or email our team of dental professionals at BrightView Dental.  We would be happy to help!